Black Roe Poke Bar & Grill launched in March 2016 in the heart of Mayfair, and brought the finest Pacific Rim cuisine. 

The 60 seat restaurant, features moody walls, and distressed luxury touches, such as worn wood and leather.

Black Roe’s crowning glory is a Poke bar at the entrance of the restaurant, where an expert chef serves up raw fish with a Pacific slant, alongside other fresh seafood and oysters, a Hawaiian marinated raw fish dish, takes stage, with fresh, exotic .

The Grill serves sustainable meats cooked on a Kiawe wood grill, with dishes including Bison rib eye steak, fennel-tomato confit and  soy hollandaise as well as  lamb rack served with a coconut and  reduction. Cocktails, and a wide selection of wines by the glass, including The Chateau Leoube, La Londe Rose, an exclusive to the UK, are served at the relaxed bar.

Downstairs features a large chef's table for up to 20 guests that leads into the of the open kitchen and is lined tanks filled with the freshest live seafood. When not booked for private events the communal table becomes a relaxed first come, first served walk in table.


Black Roe Poke Bar & Grill takes its produce very seriously, working closely with farmers and fishermen whose portraits hang on the walls.