Chotto-Matte brings together the best of Japanese and Peruvian cultures. Chotto Matte serves up high-quality Nikkei cuisine, colourful cocktails, and vibrant atmosphere. 


Nikkei cuisine has been called ‘the beautiful love child of Japan and Peru’. It was born out of Japanese culinary traditions evolving into Peruvian culture over the last 100 years.

The cocktail bar and lounge are located on the ground floor, where our bartenders mix Nikkei inspired and sake based cocktails. Here you can sit under a vast UV-illuminated mural, created by a Peruvian graffiti artist. 

Chotto Matte has a large dining area with open Robata Grill. The restaurant features menu creations from the Group Executive Chef Jordan Sclare and Head Chef Michael Paul. A Sushi Bar, where chef Keita Sato creates his magic in front of guests on the opposite side of the bar.

The atmosphere differs from area to area, so you could go to Chotto-Matte three nights running and have a totally different, immense experience each time.