At Fucina, priority is making sure the food is the gateway for customers to experience and enjoy the diversity of taste, inherent to Italian cooking.


The sculptural brick ceiling made up of undulating curves, brings to life the inside of a traditional "old school" kitchen oven, the Fucina (a forge). With a focus on the artesian process of hand-making bread, pizza, pasta, the idea was straightforward: at Fucina, they know that quality of ingredients, combined sensibly and cooked properly are what make Italian food taste so good.


At the heart of Italian food is conviviality. Food truly comes to life when shared with family and friends, and every aspect of Fucina has been designed with this in mind: from menus filled with easy-to-share dishes, to the tables, the social spirit of the Italian family meal is encapsulated.


Almost everything at Fucina is created in-house including bread, pastries, pasta, charcuterie and gelato.