The Pantry stocks freshly made bread, pastries, exclusive blends of coffee, the finest Italian artisanal grocery items, as well as features fresh gelato and pasta making rooms.

Guests are able to start the day the Italian way, stood at the counter, and enjoy coffee, fresh and cold-pressed juices, fresh pastries and breakfast pizzas.

Our breads have been developed five different breads, using stoneground, wholemeal naturally slow-fermented dough, to make sandwiches that are filled at lunch time with meats taken from Fucina’s wood-fired pit. Artisanal Italian grocery items are sold for preparing meals at home, including the finest meats, cheeses, dried pastas, canned good, oils and vinegars.

Guests, and chefs alike come to the shop for dried pastas and pestos from Savini Tartufi, olive oils and balsamic vinegars from Alessandro Biagini, fruit preserves from Alpe Pragas, sweet treats from Giovanni Cogno and truffles from Lamorresi.

Pantry Marylebone shares the same design principles as its neighbouring Fucina restaurant with red brick detailing and impressive display cabinets made from natural wood. Downstairs, customers can find a wine shop on one side and floor-to-ceiling glass walls on the other, through which, they can enjoy a mini spectacle of the gelato and pasta-making processes by the Pantry’s chefs.